ENERGY OPTIMIZER Presevi’s “Energy Optimizer” was developed for application in Single Phase air conditioners upto two Tons. This product saves considerable operational cost by letting the user to manage electrical energy by letting it schedule up to 25 ON/OFF operations per day. The provision to switch ON the fan automatically, whenever the air conditioner switches OFF, is another good feature which can be used for the Application of Home Air Conditioners, Bore well Pump Operation, Security Areas, Signage Lamps , Industrial Applications. An exclusive power socket, MCB, its terminals make it very convenient to operate air conditioner of the fan alone or a combined operation of both. The model PS-OT-EMSS-XX is provided with single MCB whereas PS-OT-EMSS-RB with another MCB for bypassing the timer itself, when required. It is provided with a facility like emergency operation from remote location, using an external push button switch, unscheduled operation using UP/DN buttons, completely switching ON/OFF the System etc are provided.For Further Details click here.

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