Presevi’s Liquid Lev


Presevi’s Liquid Level Controller A-LLC-01 Model controls all types of motor pumps, automatically, to maintain the desired liquid level in the tank.It ensures the water level on the overhead tank (low or high), and the sump water level (high or low) before switching ON the pump. It switches the pump ON/OFF considering the requirement of the water level on the overhead tank and safe level on the sump. It has got provision to sense the air lock and dry running and to shut down the pump with in few minutes. Although the controller and the sensors are designed for electrically conducting liquids like water, it could be used for other liquids as well, by modifying the sensors suitably. It can be used for the Application of Houses and flats ,Hotels and Hospitals ,Chemical plants ,Cooling towers ,Effluent treatment plants ,Pharmaceutical industries ,Beverages and Distilleries . For More details Download the Brochure LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLLER A-LLC-01 from the Brochure Column

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