Our Products are 1) Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Application a) Window and Split A/C Controllers b) Package A/C Controllers c) Ductable Split A/C Controllers d) Temperature and Humidity Controller e) Precision air Conditioning Controller with BMS f) Chiller Controllers g) Controller for Fan Coil units h) Energy Optimizer 2) Telecom Shelter A/C Controllers a) Shelter Air Conditioning Controllers A5-G302. b)Telecom Shelter Air Conditioning COntroller A5-G312-PR. c) Telecom Shelter Air Conditioning Controllers A5-S350-V9 /A5-S350-V10/A5-G302-Temp. d) Air Conditioning Controller with Free Cooling A5-G323-01. 3) Other Allied Products for HVAC. a) Temperature and Humidity Indicator. b) ATM Air Conditioning Application. c) 8 Unit Sequential Timer. d) Intelligent Air Conditioner Control Panel. e) Air Conditioner – Fan – Light Controller 4) Energy Saving Products a) Switches with Motion Sensor b) Precision Timer Controller c) Welding Energy Saver d) Overload Protector e) Electrical Control Box 5) Hospitality Related Products a) Keycard Series Switches b) Room Control Systems c) Dimmers with Illumination scene setting 6) Other General Products a) Liquid level Controller

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