Presevi Industrial Company was set up in 1985 with a small beginning with lot of great ideas and future vision. The name "PRESEVI" was coined from "VILLAGE PRESERVATION". Over the past 20 years, the company has grown very well and is engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of controllers for major OEMs engaged in manufacturing of various type of air conditioning equipments, washing machines and power control products. The company obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification and is well known for designing and manufacturing of reliable & quality products. We have a separate R& D center and two manufacturing facilities located at Trichur in Kerala and at Chennai in Tamilnadu. Our service section has a team of engineers and technicians who do posses a fairly good knowledge and concepts. Presevi Industrial Company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization having manufacturing activities at Chennai, Tamilnadu and at Thrissur, Kerala at southern part of India. Assembling of electronic components are carried out using soldering machines to ensure consistent quality. All our products are undergo rigorous testing procedures using latest testing equipments by qualified and experienced persons. We have classified our products into various categories and could be selected from the listed sub items. PRODUCTS 1) Air Conditioner Controllers a) Window AC Controllers. A1-G3060G/A1-G351 b) Corded/Cordless Split AC Controllers c) Package AC Controllers A3-S351/352/353/354/355 d) Ductable Split AC Controllers A3-G317A-1C/2C/3C & A3-G318A-1C/2C/3C e) Precision AC Controller with BMS Connectivity using Modulating Valves A9-G 343-01-02 2) Temperature and Humidity Controller A3-S321-00/A3-S321-01 3) Chiller Controller a) Chiller Controller A7-S304FT-01/02 b) Chiller Controller A7-S305FT 4) Controller for Fan Coil units A6-S341TR 5) Energy Optimizer PS-0T-EMSS-XX ) Air Conditioner Controllers for Telecom Application a) Shelter Air Conditioning Controllers A5-G302 b) Telecom Shelter Air Conditioning Controller A5-G312-PR c) Telecom Shelter Air Conditioning Controllers A5-S350-V9/A5-S350- V10/A5-G302-Temp. d) Air Conditioning Controller with Free Cooling A5-G323-01. 7) Other Allied Products for Heating , Ventilation and Air Conditioning. a) Temperature and Humidity Indicator A9-G331-SM b) ATM Air Conditioning Application A-MCT-02 c) 8 Unit Sequential Timer A4-G302-08 d) Intelligent Air Conditioner Control Panel IACP-XX-W e) Air Conditioner-Fan-Light Controller A-ACFL-01 8)Energy Saving Products a)Switches with Motion Sensor PS-MD-0-02-XX b)Precision Timer Controller PS-OT-X-XX-XXX c)Welding Energy saver PS-WES-01 d)Overload Protector A-OLP-01 e)Electrical Control Box PS-CB-001-SP/3P-XX 9)Hospitality Products a)Key Card Series Switches(ESU) PS-KT-XX-XX b)Room Control Systems - RCS PS-PSSC-XX c)Dimmers with illumination Scene setting PS-DR-08-XX 10)Other General Products a)Liquid Level Controller

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