1.Package ac controller, A3S-351/352/353/354/3552.Temperature & Humidity Controller, A3-S321-00/A3-S321-013.Chiller Controller, A7-S304FT-01/02, A7-S305FT4.Energy optimizer, PS-OT-EMSS-XX5.Shelter controller, A5-G312-PR, A5-S350-V9/A5-S350-V10/A5

TELECOM SHELTER AIRCONDITIONING CONTROLLER:-This model is a microcontroller based programmable controller used to operate up to six independent air conditioners. The controller has an independent compressor and blower output for each air conditioning

Ductable Split A/C Controllers These series of controllers are designed for use in air conditioning systems. It has a single IDU with pendant and multiple ODUs.Its another version is provided with a heater and could be used for humidity co

These series of electronic controllers are designed for package/duct able air conditioners application with and without control panel. These models are manufactured with varying number of compressors/cylinders from 1 to 5 with a single blower. The co

Automatic Water LevelController:-The water level controller is a microcontroller based automativesystem.It is designed to operate the machine depending on the water level ofthe tank. It has a 20A relay and two LED indications. One for machine ON/O

Temperature & Humidity Indicator:-These model displays both temperature and humidity on a continuous basis. It is provided with the calibrated sensor to measure both temperature & humidity..It is provided with an arrangement to offset the parameters

A1 Series ON/OFF Controllers are designed using mixed-signal processing technology, targeted for Window Air Conditioners, either for direct OEM application or for retrofitting to the existing air conditioners. These controllers cleared EMI/EMC compli

The model A5-S350-V9/A5-S350V10/A5-G302-TEMP are designed and manufactured for removing heat from unmanned shelters or similar applications using two numbers of air conditioners. These field-proven controllers with 100% redundancy would cycle the air

Precision Timer Controller:-Presevi’s PS-OT-X-20-XXX Model precision timer switches are meant forswitching ON/OFF of a single electrical load to 20A whereas the 3Ø models PS-OT-X-XX-XXXcould switch up to 32A/phase. The daily configurable models per

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